About New Zealand Heritage Hockey

New Zealand Heritage Hockey has been formed from three ethnic hockey organisations, New Zealand Maori Hockey, New Zealand Indian Sports Association, and NZ Pasifika Hockey.

Whilst NZ Pasifika Hockey is a relatively young organisation, throughout the last twenty to thirty years, the NZ Maori and NZ Indian teams have competed against each other in various tournaments. NZ Heritage Hockey has been created to ensure our respective organisations top players have regular fixtures against elite players annually.

Our Goals

Grow Hockey

NZ Heritage Hockey will provide our players with an additional pathway where they will feel supported and nourished by an environment that is in line with their respective cultures and traditions. Through the introduction of coaching clinics that will encourage all heritage players – new and old – to participate, to develop connections with the wider heritage hockey communities, and to build confidence through their improving abilities on the field.

Regular Fixtures

Provide regular and meaningful heritage events and competition for all levels of players each year to ensure the long term retention and the growth of heritage hockey players and their representation in both school and club level hockey across New Zealand

Support the People

NZ Heritage Hockey want to provide regular opportunities for heritage hockey players at all levels to be involved with heritage events. The significance of heritage events is that players of heritage background get the opportunity to play in teams or participate in clinics with other players that identify from a heritage background. NZ Heritage Hockey events and clinics will support the cultural aspects of each heritage group which be included as a normal part of NZ Heritage Hockey run events and clinics.

Our Committee

Our Committee is made up from representatives from each of the three organisations.  We meet on a regular basis to ensure that tournament planning is worked on and tasks are completed.

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